Bernard Dale

CEO and Owner

My name is Bernard Dale and I’m the CEO and Owner of Dale Construction & Renovation, LLC.  My team and I do excellent work, and pride ourselves on great customer service.  I firmly believe that providing quality work with excellent customer service, is a recipe for repeat business.   Although we employ new workers regularly as our company grows, I am very selective with the people I hire.  I rely largely on my reputation of providing quality work, and will only hire people who share my vision.  Quality work and customer service is my number one priority.  This means that I only employ workers that have the best carpentry skills, and the best work ethics.  Period.  I can best be described as an honest, friendly, family oriented person, who enjoys construction, fishing, and spending time with my family.  You can take peace of mind knowing that all of our projects are maintained in a drug-free work place, in a professional environment.  I look forward to working on your next project, where we are sure to exceed your expectations.  

Veronica Dale Brown

Chief Operating Officer

My name is Veronica Brown, and I am the Chief Operating Officer at Dale Construction & Renovation, LLC.  I’m responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, and I’m also the sister of our CEO and Owner Bernard Dale.  Contact me directly when you would like to schedule a consultation, initiate a new repair or renovation project, or if you if you have any questions or concerns about an existing project, quote or invoice.  I join the DCR team with over 12 years of management experience, and I absolutely LOVE what I do.  Contact me today, so we can get started on your family’s next  project.  I promise you will be impressed with the quality of work our team does.  You can reach me at 832-903-6226.

Raquel Dale

Senior Project Manager

My name is Raquel Dale, and I am the Senior Project Manager at Dale Construction & Renovation, LLC.  I am also the daughter of our CEO and Owner Bernard Dale.  Everything I know, I have learned directly from my father who has trained me at his side.  I can attest first hand, that he is very good at what he does, and runs a tight ship here at the company.  His scrutiny and attention to detail is what our customers love the most, and what they have come to expect.  My primary responsibility at the company is overseeing the various projects we currently have under contract, and making sure our brand is well represented.  I work very closely with all of our on-site supervisors each day, ensuring that the quality of work we are known for is both achieved and maintained.  Our employees have a clear grasp of the quality of work I expect to see when visiting the sites, and they deliver every time.  Rest assured, your project is in the best hands when working with our company.