Here’s how we’re coming along with the 10 x 20 garage renovation.  Yesterday, we were able to hang the sheet rock / drywall on all walls including the ceiling.  We also taped, floated and sanded all drywall as well.  As you can see, we cut out one of the windows in the brick siding, and pulled the electrical for 1 outlet.  We’re moving along a lot faster than anticipated, and should be done with this project in no time.  Here are some pictures from yesterday 7/13.

This is a Garage Renovation project we started yesterday 7/12/17.  The approximate size of the garage is 10×20 and client wants us to remove all existing sheet rock, hang new sheet rock on all walls and ceiling (including tape, float, and sand), cut out 2 window holes in brick siding, install two windows, and install 4 electrical outlets.  We promised client project would be done by 7/26 which is 2 weeks, but we’re hoping to be done in 7 days.  Here are a few pictures of Day 1 – Demolition.

Today, we’ll cut out the windows, and lay the electrical work for the outlets.

You’ve picked out the perfect carpet for your guest bedroom.  You’ve decided to save some money buy purchasing the actual carpet and padding yourself, and just need a reputable company to install it for you.  Tyrone’s Discount Carpet can install it for $600, while Leroy’s Luxury Carpet Layers can install it for $1,200.  Both are reputable companies, but how do you choose which company is right for you?

So you’re thinking about repairing your roof, but don’t know where to start.  There are so many companies to choose from, but how do I know which one is right for me?  Do I go with the one that has been in business the longest?  Or do I go with the one with the cheapest price?   My advice, is to do you research, and look for a contractor that has a reputation for doing quality work on time, at a fair price.  This is what Dale Construction and Renovation, LLC specializes in.  We care about our customers, and firmly believe that happy customers are repeat customers.