Bernard Dale – Owner CEO


Dale Construction and Renovation, LLC has been in business for several years, and is family owned and operated.  We currently service Dickinson, La marque, Texas City, Hitchcock, Galveston, and the South Houston areas.  We are a reliable general contractor company that take pride in delivering quality work, at affordable prices.  From minor renovation to new construction, our company can accommodate all of your needs.


Our CEO and Owner Bernard Dale first learned carpentry from our grandfather Cleronia Morgan when he was a small boy.  He helped our grandfather work on the family home, transforming it from a pleasant 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house, to a beautiful 7 bedroom 3 bathroom luxury home.  From the first moment he picked up a hammer, Bernard knew he wanted to be in the construction business and made plans to start his own business as soon as he could afford to.

Years later, Bernard opened up Dale Construction & Renovation, LLC and began repairing homes in our neighborhood.  His quality of work and professionalism earned him respectable success in our community, and Bernard continues to thrive in the construction industry today.  Recently, he enlisted the help of his daughter Raquel Dale, and his sister Veronica Brown to continue his vision of growing Dale Construction and Renovation, LLC into a household brand.  We hope to be of service to you and your family, on your next construction or renovation project.